Pink Person

What does it mean?

Your favorite person in the world

A ‘Pink Person’ on TikTok simply means the person you love and trust the most. This term is used to answer questions like “Who’s your pink?” or “Who is your pink person?” as part of a popular TikTok trend called the color person trend.

The color person trend is a fun way for TikTokers to identify and talk about the key people in their lives. Each color, be it pink, blue, or green, represents different criteria. This trend became a big hit in the summer of 2023, leading to an explosion of color person-themed posts on TikTok.

Among all the color person posts, the ‘Pink Person’ stood out as the most popular. So next time you come across a TikToker asking “Who’s your pink?”, you’ll know they’re talking about the person they trust and love the most.

Example for using ‘Pink Person’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? I found my pink person!

That’s awesome! Who is it?

It’s my best friend, Sarah. She’s always there for me.

Aww, that’s so sweet! I’m glad you have someone like her.