What does PIOG stand for?

Posted in other groups

When you see PIOG on an internet forum, it indicates that the post is also “posted in other groups”. This is done by users who want to share the same information or sell the same item in different forums or sub-forums. They tag their message with PIOG to inform others about the duplicates.

Not only users, but forum administrators also use the term PIOG. It helps them identify spam that has been thoughtlessly spread across several groups. To maintain the quality of discussions, these administrators may choose to delete or lock these repeated posts, limiting the conversation to a single thread.

Example for using ‘PIOG’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen this new post? PIOG – Posted in other groups. Check it out!

Oh, thanks for letting me know! I’ll take a look.

No problem! The person who posted it wanted to share the same message in different places, so they labeled it PIOG.

Got it! It’s a way to let others know that the post has been shared in multiple places. That’s handy!