What does PJs mean?


When you hear someone talking about ‘PJs’, they’re simply referring to pajamas. These are the comfy clothes you slip into for a good night’s sleep or, these days, even when you’re working from home. It’s pronounced like “peejayz,” with the “s” showing that it’s plural.

‘PJs’ is often used to describe the adorable, snuggly outfits that children put on at bedtime. But don’t be fooled, adults can rock their PJs too! Adult PJs can range from full-on footie pajamas, to a simple shorts and shirt combo, or even just underwear.

It’s worth noting that the term ‘PJs’ can also be used in a more figurative sense. When someone says they’re putting on their PJs, they might just be saying that they’re getting ready to hit the hay. So if you hear your mom say, “I’m beat. Time to put on my PJs,” she could just be signaling that she’s winding down for the night.

Example for using ‘PJs’ in a conversation

What are you up to tonight? πŸŒ™

Not much, just gonna relax in my PJs and watch some Netflix. πŸ˜΄πŸ“Ί

Sounds cozy! I might join you in my PJs. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘–

Great! Grab your favorite snacks too! 🍿🍫