What does PL& mean?


PL& is a clever short form of the word ‘planned.’ This abbreviation cleverly uses an ampersand (&) to represent ‘anned.’ It’s a bit of a playful twist since we usually use an ampersand to mean ‘and.’

Don’t worry if you didn’t know this before. PL& isn’t a common abbreviation, so it’s not surprising if you weren’t familiar with it. If someone messaged you using PL&, they likely did so intentionally, hoping to stump you.

But now, you’re in on the secret. The next time someone uses PL&, you’ll know exactly what they mean. And you can feel extra clever for figuring it out without asking them.

Example for using ‘PL&’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free tomorrow evening?

PL&! I already have plans for tomorrow night.