What does Plastic mean?

‘Plastic’ in slang is ‘Credit card’

When someone says they’re using their ‘Plastic’, they’re likely referring to their credit card. This slang term is often used in situations where money is being spent. For instance, if Mike says he’s paying the restaurant bill with his plastic, he means he’s going to pay with his credit card.

The term ‘Plastic’ comes from the material that credit cards are made from. It started getting popular in the 80s and 90s when credit cards became a normal part of life. People could easily buy things on credit, simply by swiping their ‘Plastic’.

While ‘Plastic’ is commonly used for credit cards, it can also refer to other types of cards that involve money. Debit cards and gift cards, for example, might also be called ‘Plastic’. On the other hand, cash is often referred to as ‘Paper’, even though it’s actually made of cloth.

Example for using ‘Plastic’ in a conversation

Hey, want to go out for dinner tonight?

Sure, but I’m kinda low on cash.

No worries, I’ll pay with my plastic.

Awesome, thanks! πŸ™Œ