What does Playa mean?

‘Playa’ is slang for ‘Player’

Playa is a popular slang term which is a twist on the word “player”. This term is commonly used to describe someone, usually a man, who manipulates others, particularly women, to get what he desires.

This person, the ‘Playa’, typically acts like a caring individual but in reality, he only uses the other person as a means to an end. After gaining what he wants, he then discards them without a second thought.

It’s crucial to understand that a Playa is not someone who genuinely cares about the feelings of others. They’re solely focused on their own needs and desires, and will do whatever it takes to fulfill them.

Example for using ‘Playa’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about that new guy in our class?

Yeah, I heard he’s a real playa. Be careful around him.

What do you mean by “playa”?

A playa is someone who uses people, especially women, for their own benefit without really caring about them.