What does Pld mean?


Pld is a shortened form of the word “played.” This slang term is commonly used in both gaming and social contexts. When you see pld in a text or online message, it can mean two different things based on the situation.

In the world of gaming, pld can represent the past tense of playing a game. This could be any type of game – from video games to sports. For instance, if your friend, Alex, was away and asks about the basketball match, you could reply, “We pld awesome and scored 10 points more!”

On the other hand, pld can also mean getting tricked or fooled by someone. It’s a shorthand way of saying “got played.” For example, if your buddy, Mike, has been deceived by his girlfriend, he might vent out by saying, “I got pld by my girlfriend. I’m so upset!”

So, the slang term pld can have different meanings, depending upon the context in which it’s used. It’s a handy abbreviation used widely in text messages and online chats.

Example for using ‘Pld’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the new episode of that show?

Yeah, I watched it. It was pld!

Really? I thought it would be good. What happened?

The plot twist was so predictable. I felt like I got pld.