What does PMO stand for?

Pissed me off

When someone is extremely annoyed or upset about a situation or event, they might use the slang term ‘PMO’. This stands for “pissed me off”, and it’s a way of putting across strong feelings of anger or frustration in a conversation, whether it’s in a text, chat or social media post.

In the U.S., “pissed” is commonly understood to mean “angry”. So, if something has caused you to be angry or upset, you might say it has “pissed me off”. The origins of this usage aren’t totally clear. One theory suggests that it could be linked to the idea of someone losing control of their physical reactions when they’re really mad.

You can use PMO to express your anger about anything that has upset or annoyed you. For instance, if you don’t like a particular explanation, you could say “That explanation really PMO.” To add emphasis to their feelings, people often couple PMO with FR (For Real) in their social media posts.

Example for using ‘PMO’ in a conversation

Ugh, I just saw that movie everyone’s been raving about. πŸ™„

Oh no, did it PMO?

Yes! It was so boring and predictable. 😑

That’s disappointing. I’ll skip it then. Thanks for the heads up! 😊