What does PMP stand for?

Peed my pants

PMP is a slang term that describes a funny situation so intense that it makes someone laugh so hard they might pee a little. This acronym is often hyperbolic, meaning it’s used to exaggerate how funny something is. It’s a twist on the acronym PIMP and the abbreviation pmsl.

Commonly, PMP is used in online chats, social media posts, and text messages. It usually accompanies a funny image or video that has caused someone to laugh uncontrollably. While it’s often an exaggeration, for some people with weak bladder control, it might be closer to reality than you’d think.

You might find yourself using PMP when you come across a side-splittingly funny cat video, or a witty meme that has you in stitches. Or perhaps your grandpa made a hilarious autocorrect mistake in his text message.

In some instances, PMP may not refer to laughter at all. Sometimes, people use it to indicate that they got so scared, they wet themselves a bit. For example, this might happen after watching a jump-scare horror film or witnessing a spooky prank from a buddy.

Example for using ‘PMP’ in a conversation

Haha, did you see that video of the puppy trying to climb the stairs?

Yes! PMP, that was too funny! 🤣

I know, right? I couldn’t stop laughing! 🤣

Same! PMP, I had tears in my eyes! 🤣