What does PMTTWAMOWM stand for?

Pin me to the wall and make out with me

So you’re scrolling on TikTok and you come across the acronym PMTTWAMOWM? This is a popular phrase used mainly in the context of expressing romantic and passionate feelings. It’s the shortened form of ‘pin me to the wall and make out with me.’

This phrase is often used in videos and comments that have a lustful or romantic theme. In simpler words, those who use PMTTWAMOWM are expressing a desire to be passionately kissed by the person they are addressing, ideally against a wall. Think of those passionate scenes in anime that the younger generation seems to be really into.

Occasionally, you might also come across a shortened version of this acronym – PMTTW. It’s used in the same context and sometimes you might see it as the starting point for other related acronyms that revolve around the same idea of wall-pinning.

Example for using ‘PMTTWAMOWM’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that TikTok video?

Yeah, the one where they used PMTTWAMOWM?

Exactly! I can’t believe how bold people are these days.

Haha, I know right? It’s like they’re asking to be pinned to a wall!