What does PNM mean in sorority and fraternity culture?

Potential new member

PNM is often used in the college fraternity or sorority setting. This stands for a potential new member who is interested in joining a sorority or fraternity. This person has to go through a series of steps before they become a full member. These steps can include being picked by existing members, applying, and going through the recruitment or “rush” process.

Those who are part of a fraternity or sorority, or even past members, are the ones most likely to use the term PNM. It can be used both in person and in online conversations. Depending on how strict the fraternity or sorority is, they might keep a close eye on a PNM during the recruitment process.

For instance, they might monitor a PNM’s social media activity. They check what kind of content they post, and if they show support for the organization. There might also be requirements regarding how good-looking the PNM is, or how smart they are, as shown by their GPA.

People can also use the term PNM when they’re watching the drama unfold on social media as college students vie for a spot in fraternities and sororities. An example of this is the “Ole Miss Rush” (University of Mississippi sorority rush), which ended up being turned into a Netflix documentary with the same name.

Example for using ‘PNM’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the PNM in our sorority?

Yeah, I heard she’s going through rush right now.

I wonder if she’ll make it in. They’re pretty strict with PNMs.

True, they even stalk their social media and check their GPA.