What does PNP stand for?

Party and Play

If you come across ‘PNP’, it’s not some tech lingo but a slang term that stands for “party and play”. This is a reference to when people use drugs to kickstart or enhance their sexual experiences. It’s important to note that PnP is a risky behavior because it can lead to serious health issues like drug addiction and an increase in sexually transmitted diseases.

While it’s not confined to any single group, most people who engage in PnP are homosexual men. That said, individuals from all walks of life might indulge in PnPing. The internet plays a big part in this scene, with chatrooms, forums, and dating services often being used to connect individuals interested in PnP.

The drug of choice in the PnP scene is typically methamphetamine, due to the long-lasting high it provides. However, other substances like cocaine, ecstasy, GHB/GBL anesthetics, and ketamine may also be used by PnP participants. Always remember that while these substances may enhance pleasure for a time, they come with severe health risks, and their use is illegal in many jurisdictions.

Example for using ‘PNP’ in a conversation

Hey, do you know what PNP stands for?

Yeah, it means “Party and Play”. Why do you ask?

I saw it on a dating app and was curious about what it means.

Ah, I see. Well, PNP is when people use drugs to enhance sexual activities.