What does PO stand for?

By mouth

PO is an acronym that originates from the Latin phrase “per os.” It translates to “by mouth” in English. You’ll often see this term used in the medical field, especially on prescription notes given by doctors.

When a doctor prescribes a medication and writes “p.o.” on the prescription, they’re indicating that the medication should be taken orally, or by mouth. This is a quick and simple way for healthcare professionals to communicate important instructions about how to take a medication.

So remember, if you see PO or “p.o.” on your medical prescription, it’s not just random letters. It’s a crucial piece of information telling you to take your medication by mouth.

Example for using ‘PO’ in a conversation

Hey, did you get the prescription from the doctor?

Yeah, I did. It says take the medicine ‘PO’.

What does ‘PO’ mean?

‘PO’ means ‘by mouth’. It’s a way of taking the medicine orally.