What does POC stand for?

Piece of crap

When someone is peeved or feels that something is of poor quality, they might use the acronym POC, which stands for “piece of crap.” This slang term is a less harsh variant of POS, but it’s still not considered appropriate to use in formal or respectful situations.

POC is not as frequently used as POS. This can be attributed to a couple of factors. Firstly, POC can be confusing as it has various other meanings. Secondly, when people are truly upset, they usually express their feelings more directly and don’t feel the need to soften their words.

Example for using ‘POC’ in a conversation

Hey, I just bought this new phone and it’s not working properly. 😑

Oh no! What’s wrong with it? πŸ“±

I don’t know, it keeps freezing and the camera quality is terrible. It’s a POC! 😀

That’s frustrating. You should contact customer support. πŸ“ž