What does Poed mean?

P*ssed off

If someone is really angry or upset, they might say they are “poed.” It’s the past form of “PO,” short for “p*ss off.” You’ll probably see it written as poed or po’d in text messages, on social media, or even in real-life chat.

For instance, your buddy could send you a message saying, “I’m seriously poed that my dad won’t let me go to the concert tomorrow.” Or maybe your brother might tweet, “Our landlord was majorly poed about the noise from our party and threatened to evict us.”

So, if you hear or see someone saying they’re poed, you’ll now know that they’re not feeling too happy. It’s a quick and simple way of expressing a high level of anger or frustration.

Example for using ‘Poed’ in a conversation

I’m so poed right now! 😡

What happened? Why are you poed? 😮

My favorite coffee shop ran out of my favorite drink! 😤

Oh no! That’s frustrating. I can see why you’d be poed. 😕