What does Pokédate mean?

Pokémon Go date

Pokédate is a fun and unique way of dating where two people go on a quest to catch Pokémon using the Pokémon Go mobile application. A Pokédate combines the fun of a traditional date with the excitement of a Pokémon hunt.

For those not familiar with Pokémon, they are whimsical, fictional critters that people, known as trainers, catch and train to compete against each other. Pokémon Go is a popular mobile game that allows you to capture these creatures “in the wild” using your smartphone.

The game was launched in the U.S. in July 2016 for both Android and iOS devices. The game uses your GPS location to display a map of your surroundings, showing where wild Pokémon, gyms, and Pokéstops (places where you can get items to catch Pokémon) are located. The idea is to walk around in real life to interact with these elements in the game.

Considering the game naturally encourages physical movement, it’s a fun idea to have a partner to share the journey, hence the rise of the term Pokédate. Popular locations for Pokédates often include parks, shopping centers, and famous landmarks.

Please note that the term can also appear as “Pokedate,” but don’t be confused, it’s not meant to imply anything more forward than a friendly Pokémon hunting outing!

Example for using ‘Pokédate’ in a conversation

Hey! Are you free this weekend?

Yeah, I don’t have any plans. Why?

I was thinking we could go on a Pokédate!

A Pok√©date? What’s that?

It’s a date where we explore and catch Pok√©mon together using the Pok√©mon Go app!

That sounds fun! I’m up for it. Where should we meet?

Let’s meet at the park. There are usually lots of Pok√©mon there!

Great! See you at the park then. Can’t wait for our Pok√©date! 🎉