What does Poormouthing mean?

Whining about being broke when you’re actually not

When someone is Poormouthing, they are grumbling about not having enough cash, even though they actually do. This is often a ploy to gain sympathy or to dodge paying for things. For example, they might use this tactic to avoid picking up the tab at a restaurant or buying cinema tickets.

Those who practice Poormouthing generally portray themselves as barely scraping by, despite having plenty of money. This behavior can quickly become a pet peeve for those around them, particularly for the ones who end up covering the costs.

The act of Poormouthing can create a situation where others feel obligated to help out or feel guilty about their own financial situation. It’s a manipulative tactic that can sour relationships and friendships.

Example for using ‘Poormouthing’ in a conversation

Ugh, I can’t believe I have to pay for dinner tonight. I’m so broke.

Oh no, what happened? I thought you got your paycheck yesterday.

Yeah, but I have so many bills to pay. I’m barely scraping by.

Hmm, it seems like you’re always poormouthing. You always manage to go out and buy new clothes though.