Pop Quiz

What does Pop Quiz mean?

Unexpected Test

A pop quiz is a surprise test that a teacher might spring on their students without any prior warning. This unexpected test has often been a nightmare for many students, especially if they failed to complete the required reading or decided to skip class.

Most of the time, teachers use pop quizzes to ensure that students are keeping up with their daily readings. That’s why pop quizzes are generally straightforward checks of how well students understood the reading material.

However, sometimes a strict or grumpy teacher might decide to make the pop quiz difficult. This can be a way for them to test the depth of the students’ comprehension of the reading material. It’s not just about recalling facts, but understanding the concepts too.

Example for using ‘Pop Quiz’ in a conversation

Hey, did you study for today’s class?

No, I totally forgot. Why, what’s up?

Well, get ready for a pop quiz!

Oh no! I’m so not prepared for that!