What does Posbl mean?


‘Posbl’ is a shorter version of the word “possible”. It takes away 3 letters from the original word. This abbreviated form is quite popular in text messages and on the internet.

When you’re in a hurry or need to save space, using ‘Posbl’ can be a real time-saver. It’s super handy in tweets and text messages where you have a limited number of characters to use.

So, next time when you want to say “possible” but are short on time or space, just use ‘Posbl’. It’s an easy and quick way to get your point across.

Example for using ‘Posbl’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free to hang out this weekend?

I’m not sure yet. I’ll check my schedule.

Sure, take your time. Let me know if it’s posbl!

Will do! I’ll get back to you soon.