What does PPE stand for?

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is short for “Personal Protective Equipment”. It is most commonly used by those working in the healthcare field, such as doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. PPE refers to items like facemasks, gowns, respirators, and ventilators.

These pieces of equipment are critical for healthcare workers as they provide protection against various dangers. These might include handling risky substances, medications, or dealing with infectious patients.

While PPE is predominantly a term used within the healthcare industry, it’s not exclusive to it. The general public may also use this term, particularly during times of health emergencies. A good example was the increased use of this term during the COVID-19 pandemic that struck the world in 2019-20.

Example for using ‘PPE’ in a conversation

Hey! Have you heard about PPE?

Yeah, it stands for Personal Protective Equipment, right? 🛡️

Exactly! It’s what healthcare workers wear to protect themselves while taking care of patients. 😷

Oh, like masks and gloves? 🧤🩺