What does Pressed mean?

‘Pressed’ means ‘Upset’

Feeling pressed is a slang term that refers to someone being stressed, upset, or annoyed about something. It’s like the irritating thing is putting pressure on their emotions, which is where the term comes from.

For instance, if a soccer player is stressed because their trainer is being overly critical, they might say, “He’s got me feeling really pressed!” Or if you’re annoyed by your younger sister Lily, you could tell your buddies, “Lily’s non-stop bickering is getting me pressed.”

You’re likely to come across this term on social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter. On these platforms, pressed is often used to call out others who are getting worked up over minor issues. It’s also used to describe one’s own feelings.

It’s worth mentioning that while pressed might sound similar to depressed, the two terms are not the same. Pressed implies being upset, not despondent. However, if you’re pressed for long, it could potentially lead to depression.

Example for using ‘Pressed’ in a conversation

Ugh, my boss just assigned me another project. I’m feeling so pressed right now. 😫

Oh no! What’s wrong?

It’s just that I already have so much on my plate and now this extra work is making me stressed.

I totally get it. It can be overwhelming when there’s too much to handle. Take a deep breath and try to prioritize your tasks.