What does Primenesia mean?

When you can’t remember what you bought on Amazon Prime, that’s called ‘Primenesia’

Primenesia is a slang term that describes a scenario where an individual buys so many items through Amazon Prime that they forget what’s in the delivery package they just received. It’s a clever blend of “Prime” and “amnesia”, with “Prime” referring to Amazon Prime’s subscription service and “amnesia” signifying the memory loss associated with the ordered items.

A surge in online shopping, particularly through Amazon Prime, has led to a kind of Primenesia outbreak. This platform allows customers to buy anything from food to clothing to electronics, complete with a promise of two-day free shipping on numerous products.

The occurrence of Primenesia is particularly high during festive seasons, a time when a large number of presents are ordered online and delivered straight to customers’ homes. So, next time you open an Amazon package and can’t remember what’s inside, you’re experiencing a classic case of Primenesia!

Example for using ‘Primenesia’ in a conversation

Hey, did your package from Amazon Prime arrive yet? πŸ“¦

Yeah, it just got delivered. But I totally have Primenesia right now. I can’t remember what I ordered! πŸ€”

Haha, I know that feeling! It happens to me all the time. πŸ˜…

It’s crazy how much stuff we order online these days. I wish there was a cure for Primenesia! πŸ˜‚