What does Prk mean in fantasy football?

Position rank

Prk is a term used in fantasy football, which is short for position rank. It’s a measure of how well a player is performing compared to others in the same position. A player’s prk is based on the points they’ve amassed from their performance in games.

A player’s Prk is calculated using a variety of performance indicators, such as how many yards they’ve run, how many touchdowns they’ve scored, and how many receptions they’ve made. The lower the Prk, the better the player’s performance compared to other players in the same position.

Prk plays a key role in fantasy football. It helps team owners understand the value of their players. By comparing Prk scores, owners can see which of their players are performing the best and make strategic decisions about their team line-up.

Example for using ‘Prk’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that my favorite player has a really low Prk?

No way! What does that mean?

It means he’s ranked really high compared to other players in his position. He’s doing great!