Productivity Paranoia

What does Productivity Paranoia mean?

A baseless worry that employees are not doing their work

Productivity Paranoia is an anxiety condition that supervisors often experience, particularly when their team members are working from home. These supervisors are constantly concerned that their remote workers aren’t actually productive, despite their employees maintaining their regular work schedules and completing tasks just as effectively as when they worked onsite.

The symptoms of productivity paranoia can be seen in the form of excessive check-ins, requirements for frequent status reports, and unnecessary monitoring activities. All this extra scrutiny can negatively affect an employee’s morale and performance, to the point where it can actually decrease their productivity.

If a supervisor’s productivity paranoia becomes too extreme, it may drive their employees to resign and seek employment elsewhere, in a less stressful environment. It’s crucial for managers to trust and respect their employees’ abilities to stay focused and dedicated while working remotely.

Example for using ‘Productivity Paranoia’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about Karen’s new work-from-home policy?

Yeah, I did. She’s really worried about us slacking off.

Totally! She’s suffering from productivity paranoia.

I know, right? She keeps asking for unnecessary updates and check-ins.