What does Prolly mean?

Prolly translates to Probably

When you hear or see the term ‘Prolly,’ it means that something is likely to happen, but not fully guaranteed. It’s a quicker way to say “probably” and is often used in casual text and chat conversations. For instance, if you ask your friend Lisa if she’s going to the movies tonight and she responds with “prolly,” she’s saying there’s a good chance she’s going, but it’s not set in stone. (BTW, wouldn’t it be nice if Lisa could just make up her mind once and for all?)

This popular slang is typically used when someone wants to express a level of uncertainty. It’s often used when the person is mostly sure about something, but there’s still some doubt in their mind. So next time you receive a “prolly” in your chat box, remember it means that the person is likely, but not 100%, going to do the thing you’re discussing.

Example for using ‘Prolly’ in a conversation

Hey, are you coming to the party tonight?

Prolly, I’ll let you know for sure later.

No problem, just give me a heads up!

Will do! Prolly see you there!