What does Promposal mean?

An invitation to attend prom together

When someone gets asked to a high school prom in a creative way, it’s called a Promposal. This unique word is a blend of “prom” and “proposal”.

People usually want their Promposals to be unexpected and memorable. So, they come up with different ways to ask their desired date to the prom. It’s not unusual to see props like chocolates, flowers, or even animals used in these proposals.

Often, these proposals aren’t solo efforts. Friends or family members may join in to help make the Promposal even more spectacular and unforgettable. From holding signs to performing flash mobs, their involvement adds an extra layer of excitement to the proposal.

So, the next time you hear about a Promposal, you know it’s all about an imaginative way of asking someone to prom, making the event even more special and memorable.

Example for using ‘Promposal’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of a ‘Promposal’?

Yeah, it’s when someone asks another person to prom in a creative way!

Exactly! They go all out with props and surprises to make it special.

I love seeing those promposals on social media, they’re so cute and creative!