Proxy Beef

What does Proxy Beef mean?

Having a dislike for someone because your friend doesn’t like them

So, you’ve heard about this term, ‘Proxy Beef’, and you’re wondering what it means? Well, it’s quite simple. A proxy beef is a situation where you don’t like someone, not because of anything they’ve done to you, but because they’ve upset your friend. It’s kind of like you’re carrying your friend’s grudge for them.

Let’s say your friend, Sarah, had an argument with a guy named James. James didn’t do anything to you directly, but because he upset Sarah, you also develop a dislike for him. That’s what we call a proxy beef.

The term ‘Proxy Beef’ is made up of two parts – ‘proxy’ and ‘beef’. You’re probably familiar with the term ‘beef’ being used to describe a problem or conflict between two people. In this context, ‘proxy’ means you’re acting on behalf of someone else. So, when you have a ‘proxy beef’, you’re essentially having a conflict with someone on behalf of your friend.

So, the next time you find yourself disliking someone just because they annoyed your friend, remember that’s what we call a ‘proxy beef’. It’s not your fight, but you’re stepping in out of loyalty to your friend.

Example for using ‘Proxy Beef’ in a conversation

Ugh, I can’t stand Lisa!

Why? What did she do to you?

Oh, she didn’t do anything to me. But she was rude to my best friend, Sarah.

Ah, I see. So you have a proxy beef with Lisa.