What does PS3 stand for?

PlayStation 3

PS3 is a commonly used shorthand by gaming enthusiasts for the Sony PlayStation 3. It was first introduced to the world in 2006 with the debut of what’s often called the “thick” model.

Following the initial release, Sony continued to innovate with the introduction of the PS3 Slim in 2009 and later, the PS3 Super Slim in 2012. These newer models were essentially the same powerful PS3 but in a more compact design.

One of the standout features of the PS3 was its ability to play Blu-ray discs and stream TV shows and movies from services like Netflix. It also offered a platform for gamers to buy games, play with others, and share their gaming accomplishments over the PlayStation Network.

Sony stopped producing the PS3 in 2017, which was four years after the PS4 hit the market. Despite its discontinuation, various PS3 games like The Last of Us, Mass Effect 2, Uncharted, and the God of War series continue to be favorites amongst the gaming community.

Example for using ‘PS3’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen my PS3 anywhere? I can’t find it.

Oh no! Did you check your room? It might be there.

Yeah, I looked everywhere. I think I left it at my friend’s place.

That’s a relief. At least you didn’t lose it. You should get it back soon.