What does Pthththt mean?

‘Pthththt’ means ‘Whatever’

Pthththt is a written representation of the sound someone makes when they blow air through their lips causing them to vibrate. This is often done to express annoyance or dismiss something someone else has said.

There are several ways you might see this written, such as Pththhhh or Pbththt. Despite the different spelling, they all convey the same feeling or reaction.

So, if you see Pthththt or any of its variants in a message, know that the person is likely showing frustration or disregard. It’s a unique way to express feelings without using actual words.

Example for using ‘Pthththt’ in a conversation

Ugh, I can’t believe she said that to me! πŸ™„

What did she say?

She said my outfit was so last year. Like, who cares? πŸ™„

Pthththt! Fashion changes all the time. Wear what you like!