What does PTIYPASI stand for?

Put that in your pipe and smoke it

Ever been in a situation where you wanted to rub it in when you proved someone wrong or outdid them? Well, that’s where the slang ‘PTIYPASI’ comes into play. It’s a fun and cheeky way of saying “Accept that!” when you’ve one-upped someone.

The phrase ‘put that in your pipe and smoke it’ from which ‘PTIYPASI’ is shortened, has been around since the early 19th century. It’s like saying ‘take this and deal with it’, just like you would with tobacco in a pipe. But instead of tobacco, it’s a situation or fact that needs to be accepted.

For instance, if your mate outperforms you in a video game, they might send you a message saying “PTIYPASI”. It’s their playful way of saying they beat you and you should deal with it. Or, if you come across an article that disproves a friend’s belief, you might send them the link with a “PTIYPASI”. It’s like saying ‘deal with the fact that you were wrong’.

Example for using ‘PTIYPASI’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? I just found out that pineapples are not actually apples!

Haha, really? That’s funny!

Yeah, PTIYPASI! 🍍🚫🍎