What does PTSO stand for?

Put that stuff on

When you hear the term PTSO, it’s often used by those who are talking about stylish clothes. In essence, it stands for “put that stuff on.” You’ll mostly find people using PTSO on platforms like TikTok, where it’s all about flaunting your fashion sense or appreciating someone else’s.

If someone tells you PTSO, it’s a compliment. It means they think your outfit is on point. For instance, if a friend likes how you’ve dressed, they might say, “You really PTSO; looking straight fire.”

On the other hand, when someone claims they PTSO, they’re stating that they’re pleased with their own look. If you also like what they’re wearing, you can respond with “Based, you PTSO.” In this case, ‘based’ is another slang term often used to mean ‘agreed’ or ‘absolutely’. So, you’re essentially telling them that you agree their outfit is stylish.

Example for using ‘PTSO’ in a conversation

Hey, check out my new outfit! πŸ”₯

Wow, you really PTSO! Looking fresh! πŸ’―

Thanks! I’m loving this new style. 😎

Based, you PTSO. Rocking it! πŸ™Œ