Pump Fakin

What does Pump Fakin mean?

Acting like you’re tough when you’re not

Pump fakin is a slang term often used when someone is pretending or exaggerating about being more intimidating or tough than they really are. It’s a phrase that was born in the rap culture and is used to describe when someone tries to scare others by pretending to reach for a weapon, like a gun or a knife, that they don’t actually have.

The term has been used in a number of songs, such as the 2021 track ‘Pump Fakin’ by artists like Lil’ Flip and Big Hawk. The phrase comes from the world of sports, particularly football, where a quarterback fakes a throw in order to trick a defender and get a receiver open.

People might engage in pump fakin when they feel threatened or want to make an impression. As an example, if a car was driving slowly behind you down a street, you might pretend to reach for a weapon at your waistband.

It’s also common to accuse others of pump fakin when they’re acting tough or bragging but can’t back it up. For instance, if someone says they were raised in a rough neighborhood but actually grew up in a safe, suburban area, you might say they’re pump fakin.

Example for using ‘Pump Fakin’ in a conversation

Yo, did you see that guy trying to act all tough at the party last night?

Yeah, he was definitely pump fakin. I heard he grew up in a gated community.

Haha, no way! He was frontin’ like he was straight from the streets.

Exactly, just pump fakin to impress everyone. It’s so obvious.