Putting On A Clinic

What does Putting On A Clinic mean?

Doing an amazing job

“Putting on a clinic” is a term frequently used when someone is performing exceptionally well in a certain area. This could be anything from sports to public speaking. The phrase comes from the medical world, where doctors would hold ‘clinics’ to teach students how to do specific procedures.

It’s common to hear this term in the world of sports. For instance, if a basketball player like LeBron James is scoring points left, right and center, a sports commentator might say, “LeBron is putting on a clinic in scoring.” This means that LeBron’s skill is so high, he could be teaching others how to score.

But it’s not just limited to sports. If someone is coding really well, you could say they’re “putting on a clinic in coding.” Or if a barista is making the perfect lattes, they are “putting on a clinic in latte art.” The phrase is quite versatile and can be used in many different contexts.

So, next time you see someone doing something remarkably well, you can say they’re “putting on a clinic.” It’s a fun way to compliment someone’s skills and acknowledge that they’re excelling in their field.

Example for using ‘Putting On A Clinic’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see LeBron’s performance last night?

Yeah, he was putting on a clinic out there!