What does Q1 mean in business?

First quarter

Q1 is a term used in the business world, and it stands for the first quarter of a fiscal or calendar year. This period runs from January to March.

It’s during Q1 that many companies and individuals set their financial and personal goals for the year. They evaluate what they want to achieve and plan how to get there.

Moreover, Q1 is also the time when companies assess the performance of their employees. It provides a chance to review progress, identify areas for improvement, and set targets for the next quarter.

Example for using ‘Q1’ in a conversation

Hey, have you set any goals for Q1 yet? πŸ“…

Yes! I want to save more money and exercise regularly. πŸ’ͺ

That’s great! Q1 is the perfect time to start fresh. 🌱

Definitely! It’s like a clean slate for the year ahead. πŸŽ‰