What does QAMAGA mean?

An ultra-conservative conspiracy theorist

QAMAGA is a mash-up of “QAnon” and “MAGA” used to identify a person who supports former president Trump and also subscribes to various conspiracy theories. This term became popular around August 2020 and it’s not clear who first started using it.

Typically, QAMAGA can be found on social media platforms like Twitter. It’s often used as an insult for people thought to have gone too extreme during the Trump presidency (2017-2021).

Mostly, politically-aware moderates and liberals use the term QAMAGA. Even some conservatives use this term to point out those in their own group who they think have swung too far to the right.

Example for using ‘QAMAGA’ in a conversation

Did you see that tweet from Mark? He’s going full QAMAGA now. πŸ™„

Oh no, not Mark too! It’s like everyone’s losing their minds these days. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

I know, right? It’s hard to have a reasonable conversation with these QAMAGAs. πŸ˜”

Tell me about it. They’re so deep into conspiracy theories, it’s like they’re in a whole different world. 🌍