What does QAnutter mean?

Someone who follows QAnon

People who don’t buy into the numerous conspiracy theories that make up QAnon often refer to believers as QAnutters. This slang is a mash-up of QAnon and the term “nutter”, a casual way of saying “crazy person”.

The term QAnon comes from an infamous conspiracy theory. It claims that a group of elites, who are Satan-worshippers and pedophiles, were working against former President Donald Trump during his term. The name QAnon is derived from Q, the anonymous person who started posting supposed proof of the group’s deeds on 4chan in October 2017.

Since its inception in 2017, the original QAnon conspiracy theory has grown to encompass a variety of sub-conspiracies and beliefs. However, the core belief of QAnon followers remains unchanged.

The term QAnutter is often seen on social media platforms. It’s used by people who reject QAnon theories when they respond to believers. For instance, if a user on Twitter posts about their belief in a new QAnon conspiracy, skeptics might label them a QAnutter. A variant of the term, QAnonutter, is sometimes used as well. It’s a bit harder to type and say, but it includes the full name of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Example for using ‘QAnutter’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen that new conspiracy theory going around?

Oh, you mean QAnon? Yeah, I’ve heard of it.

Well, I think it’s all a bunch of nonsense. Those QAnutters are just crazy!

Haha, yeah, some people really believe in it. It’s hard to understand why though.