What does QB2 mean in Fantasy Football?

Second quarterback starting in a fantasy game

In the world of fantasy football, QB2 is a term you might come across. It’s an acronym that stands for the second starting quarterback on a team. Notably, this term is only applicable in leagues where two starting quarterback slots are in play.

Most fantasy football leagues, particularly those with 10 or more teams, only allow for a single starting QB. The usual lineup in these larger leagues would include 1 QB, 2 running backs (RBs), 3 wide receivers (WRs) or 2 WRs and a flex position, 1 tight end (TE), 1 kicker (K), and 1 team defense and special teams.

However, in leagues with fewer teams, say 6 or 8, there are naturally more quarterbacks available to draft. This makes it easier for teams to start 2 QBs, hence the use of the term QB2.

Example for using ‘QB2’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that I drafted two quarterbacks for my fantasy football team?

Yeah, I did! Why did you do that?

Well, in our league, we can start two QBs, so I wanted to have a QB2 in case my first one doesn’t perform well.

Oh, I get it now! So QB2 is like a backup quarterback for your team?