What does QCOM stand for?


When tech-savvy people mention QCOM, they’re talking about Qualcomm. This is clever short form for the name of a big player in the field of wireless technology and networking, an American tech company known as Quality Communications.

QCOM was born in 1985, thanks to the efforts of seven tech enthusiasts who previously worked for Linkabit. The team was led by a visionary named Irwin Jacobs, who was the company’s CEO.

Under Jacobs’ leadership, QCOM started making waves in the wireless technology sector. Their groundbreaking contribution was the invention of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). This innovation laid the foundation for the mobile networks we use today.

Example for using ‘QCOM’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of QCOM?

Yeah, it’s a slang term for Qualcomm, a tech company.

Oh, got it! What does Qualcomm do?

They specialize in wireless communications and networking hardware and software.