What does QFT stand for?

Quoted for truth

When you’re browsing through online discussions, you might come across the term “QFT”. This is often used when someone wants to highlight a point made by another user, to show they completely agree with it. If you’re in a chat about your favorite soccer player, for instance, you might quote someone’s comment and then add “QFT” to make it clear you share their view.

While it’s not known who actually started using “QFT” first, it became a popular phrase in the 90s on various internet message boards. Similar to how you might “like” or “upvote” a post today, “QFT” was a way for users to show their agreement with a particular comment or post.

Another reason why you might see “QFT” is that it can be used to prevent a user from editing their original post. By quoting their post and adding “QFT”, it ensures that their original words stay intact, even if they decide to edit their post later.

However, “QFT” isn’t as common as it used to be. With most online platforms now offering the ability to “like” or “upvote” posts, the need for “QFT” has decreased. But it’s still good to know what it means, especially if you’re active in online discussions and forums.

Example for using ‘QFT’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the new episode of that show last night? πŸ“Ί

Yes, it was so good! The acting was amazing! 😍

QFT! The lead actor’s performance was outstanding! πŸ‘

Absolutely! I couldn’t agree more. QFT! πŸ™Œ