What does QTPOC stand for?

Queer and/or trans people of color

QTPOC is a popular acronym used by the queer and/or trans people of color to represent themselves, especially on digital platforms. It’s a term that came into common usage within online spaces, like social media, chat groups, or web forums.

The acronym is an extension of QPOC and was created within the LGBTQ community as a way to include individuals who are not white and are either transitioning or identifying as non-hetero, non-cis. It’s a term that specifically resonates with those who identify with these parameters.

The usage of QTPOC saw a rise in 2020 and is now frequently used in both online and offline conversations. For instance, one might find a discussion about the challenges of being a QTPOC in an online forum. Similarly, one might see references to the QTPOC community in tweets concerning human rights.

Example for using ‘QTPOC’ in a conversation

Hey! Have you heard of the term QTPOC?

Yeah, I’ve seen it online. It stands for Queer and/or trans people of color, right?

Exactly! It’s a way for people to identify themselves if they’re non-white and non-hetero, non-cis.

That’s cool. I’ve noticed it’s mostly used online, like in forums or social media posts.