What does Quarantini mean?

A cocktail made during quarantine times

A Quarantini is a playful term used to describe any homemade cocktail that people drink during quarantine or self-isolation. The term first popped up in a 2005 Scrubs episode named “My Quarantine”. However, it became more widely used and recognized during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

In the Scrubs episode, a character named Lisa, formerly associated with J.D., is part of the quaranteam. She comes up with the idea of having some Quarantinis to lighten the mood while they are stuck in quarantine, possibly due to SARS exposure.

As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, many new quarantine and coronavirus-related slang terms emerged on social media. Some of these included quaranteam and quaranfifteen. Many social media users shared photos and recipes of their coronaritas, but the term Quarantini stood out as the favorite slang for a cocktail enjoyed during quarantine.

Example for using ‘Quarantini’ in a conversation

Hey, how’s the quarantine going? 🏠

It’s been tough, but I’ve been making some delicious quarantinis! 🍹

Quarantinis? What’s that? 🧐

It’s just a fancy name for homemade cocktails we enjoy during quarantine. 🍸