What does R2R mean in hiking and running?


R2R is a popular acronym among athletes, specifically runners and hikers. It stands for “rim-to-rim”, a term that describes trails that stretch from one edge of a canyon to another.

Most often, when you hear someone using the term R2R, they’re likely discussing a journey across the iconic Grand Canyon. This particular route is so well-known and frequently talked about within the athletic community that it has its own dedicated slang term.

Interestingly, you might also come across the term R2R2R. This is an extension of R2R and refers to a more challenging trek that involves traveling from one rim of the Grand Canyon to the other and then back again.

Example for using ‘R2R’ in a conversation

Hey, have you ever heard of R2R?

Yeah, it stands for rim-to-rim!

Exactly! It’s a term used by runners and hikers to describe trails that take them from one rim of a canyon to another.

Ah, got it! So, they use R2R when talking about treks across the Grand Canyon, right?

You got it! The Grand Canyon’s R2R trail is so famous that they even made an acronym for it.

That’s cool! I’ve also seen people mention R2R2R. What’s that about?

R2R2R means going from one rim to the other and then back again. It’s like a round trip!