What does R8 mean?


R8 is a common slang term that stands for “rate”. It’s often used in online conversations where people are talking about rating something, discussing cost, or referring to the pace of an event or activity.

For instance, R8 can be used when you’re talking about internet services. You might say something like, “Considering the r8 I’m charged, I should be getting better download speed. My current Internet Service Provider gets the lowest r8 from me.”

So, whenever you see R8 being used in a sentence, remember that it’s just a shortened version of the word “rate”. It’s just a quick and easy way to express your opinion about something, especially when you’re online.

Example for using ‘R8’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch that new movie?

Yeah, I did! R8 it out of 10!

Hmm, I’d r8 it a solid 8.5! What about you?

I’d r8 it a 9! The plot was amazing! πŸ˜„