What does Radiant mean in DOTA 2?

The light faction in Defense of the Ancients 2 is known as ‘Radiant’

In the world of the DOTA video game, Radiant is a term that describes one of two factions. It’s the team whose home base is located in the lower left corner of the game map. In contrast, the other team, Dire, is based in the top right corner.

Both Radiant and Dire are known as Nemesis stones that are in opposition to each other. They are an integral part of the setting for all DOTA 2 games, shaping the battleground on which the matches are played out.

The Radiant side is characterized by a bright theme, while the Dire side is associated with a darker theme and is known for spreading corruption. So, when you hear someone mentioning “Radiant”, they are most likely talking about this faction in DOTA.

Example for using ‘Radiant’ in a conversation

Hey, have you played DOTA 2?

Yeah, I love that game! What’s up?

I just had an intense match as Radiant!

Nice! Did you win?