Rage Applying

What does Rage Applying mean?

Sending out job applications because you’re fed up with your current job

Rage applying is a trend where you get so angry at a work situation that you start searching for and applying to other jobs. It’s like if your manager, say, John, stole the credit for a project you had been working hard on. You might get so angry that you go back to your cubicle and apply for ten new jobs out of frustration.

Although people have been rage applying for years, it became more popular around January 2023. This was a time when people were changing jobs more frequently due to the impact of the pandemic. Also, as the younger generation – Gen Z, started working, they showed less loyalty towards their employers compared to older generations.

Gen Zers have often prioritized their mental well-being over sticking to a job where they’re unhappy. This makes it easier for them to switch jobs, thus contributing to the rise in rage applying.

For some people, rage applying is just a way to vent their anger and doesn’t necessarily lead to a new job. They might still feel some sense of loyalty to their current employer. But for others, it can lead to new job opportunities and a better work environment and benefits.

Since work is such a big part of our lives, there’s a lot of slang associated with it. Terms like quiet quitting and “The Great Resignation” are similar to rage applying. There are also many work-related acronyms like AWLTP, B2W, GBTW, and BFAW.

Example for using ‘Rage Applying’ in a conversation

Hey, you won’t believe what happened at work today. My boss totally took credit for my presentation.

That’s awful! 😑 Did you say anything to them?

No, I was too furious. I just went back to my desk and started rage applying to other jobs. Can’t stand working there anymore.

I don’t blame you! It’s time for a change. Good luck with your rage applying, hope you find something better soon! 🀞