Rage Bait

What does Rage Bait mean?

Internet stuff that’s made to make you angry

Rage bait is a popular online tactic that’s used to spark anger and increase clicks, reactions, and overall traffic. It’s a part of the larger phenomenon known as rage farming. Rage bait can come in many forms, from a contentious video or image to a controversial social media post or article headline.

People from all walks of the internet, from trolls to influencers and businesses, may create rage bait. This is because it often results in a big and profitable response. The bait is usually well planned as it not only encourages supporters to engage but also draws in opponents who would normally ignore that person’s ideas.

For instance, a political vlogger on Facebook may post a status blaming a particular group for the issues in their nation. This provokes those who disagree with that opinion to respond to the post, creating a hot topic that ultimately benefits the person who made the original post. Usually, these opponents would have simply scrolled past the post, but they can’t pass up the chance to challenge them.

Example for using ‘Rage Bait’ in a conversation

Can you believe what I just saw on social media? 😡

Uh-oh, what happened? 😮

Someone shared this really controversial article about a sensitive topic. It’s pure rage bait! 🤬

Oh no, they’re just trying to get people all worked up for attention and clicks. 😒