What does Ragequit mean?

To quit a game because of anger

Ragequit is a term used when a player quits a game out of anger before its completion. This is usually because the player feels the game is biased or they were defeated and chose not to continue the game.

Online gaming is a hotbed for ragequitting, mostly due to the presence of young and inexperienced gamers who find it hard to swallow defeat. However, ragequitting is not limited to online games. It also happens in real-life scenarios, such as sports competitions and board games.

There are many ways to ragequit. Online, it can include yelling out rude words or insults, throwing game controllers, or damaging computer equipment. Sometimes, the ragequitter might leave the game quietly, but then vent their frustration on an unsuspecting object or person.

In-person ragequitting usually involves shouting insults or obscenities and potentially causing damage. In the context of a board game, the ragequitter may flip the game board, creating a dramatic scene and upsetting fellow players.

Constant ragequitting within a gaming community can make you a prime target for trolls and griefers. Although watching a ragequit can be amusing for some, it quickly becomes tiresome. So, if you’re prone to ragequitting, it might be a good idea to seek assistance for your anger issues.

Example for using ‘Ragequit’ in a conversation

Ugh, I’m so frustrated! I just ragequit that game we were playing.

Oh no, what happened?

I was getting destroyed by the other players and it felt so unfair. I couldn’t take it anymore.