What does Rake mean in online poker?

Commission taken by a poker site

In online poker, the term ‘Rake’ is used to describe the cut or commission that a poker site collects from each hand. It’s their way of earning from providing the service.

Think of it as the poker site’s way of “raking it in”. In other words, it’s their earnings from each round of poker played on their platform.

In essence, every time you play a hand of poker on a site, a part of the money in the game goes to the site. This part is what’s known as the ‘Rake’.

Example for using ‘Rake’ in a conversation

Hey, have you ever played poker online?

Yeah, I’ve tried it a few times. Why do you ask?

Well, I was reading about it and came across this term called ‘Rake’.

What does it mean?

It’s the commission that the poker site takes from each hand you play.

Ah, got it! So it’s like the fee for using their service?

Exactly! It’s like the site raking in some money from each hand.