What does Ramp mean in card games?

Getting more mana for good through ‘Ramp’

In mana-based card games such as Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering (MTG), ‘Ramp’ is the term used when players gather additional permanent mana sources. This technique is often used in the early stages of the game to increase mana production. This way, players can play high-cost spells during the middle and later stages of the game.

What makes ramp decks stand out is their ability to “break” one of the basic rules of mana-based card games. Typically, players can only gain one extra mana source per turn. However, ramp decks can surpass this limit. On the fourth turn, for instance, where most decks can only yield four mana, a ramp deck could potentially produce six, seven, or even more.

In MTG, ramping can be achieved by using creatures or artifacts that can be tapped for mana. It can also be done by using spells that allow players to place additional lands into their control area. Meanwhile, in Hearthstone, ramping can be done by playing creatures or spells that add Mana Crystals to a player’s Mana Pool. This technique allows players to cast more powerful spells, giving them an edge over their opponents.

Example for using ‘Ramp’ in a conversation

Hey, I just built a new deck for Magic: The Gathering!

Nice! What kind of deck did you make?

It’s a ramp deck!

Ramp? What’s that?

Well, in ramp decks, you focus on getting more mana so you can play powerful spells.

Oh, I see. So, how do you ramp in the game?

You can ramp by playing cards that give you extra mana or put more lands into play.

That sounds cool! So, with ramp, you can play bigger spells earlier, right?

Exactly! It lets me play high-cost spells sooner than my opponent.