What does RB1 mean in Fantasy Football?

First choice fantasy running back

In fantasy football, RB1 is short for the starting running back on a team. This term is generally used when fantasy football leagues allow for two or more running backs to start in a lineup.

Running back (RB) is an extremely crucial position in fantasy football as it offers the highest potential for scoring points. The role involves running with the ball and catching passes, which increases their chances of scoring touchdowns, especially when they’re near the goal line.

Most fantasy football leagues have starting lineups that consist of 1 Quarterback (QB), 2 Running Backs (RBs), 3 Wide Receivers (WRs), or 2 WRs with an additional flex position, 1 Tight End (TE), 1 Kicker (K), and 1 team for defense and special teams.

Example for using ‘RB1’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the draft results for our fantasy football league?

Yeah, I did! I got an RB1!

No way! That’s awesome! Who did you get?

I managed to snag Christian McCaffrey. He’s a beast!